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SPARKS question cards and SPARKS task cards

SPARKS question cards and SPARKS task cards are professional guidance tools for individual, group and peer counselling. The 55 cards are suitable for the counselling of young people and adults. The themes include self-knowledge, life management, career planning and grouping.The tasks and questions help to open up goals and potentials.

Try out these cards in individual, group and peer counselling, where the participants write counselling charts for each other in pairs, using the SPARK tasks and SPARK question cards the counsellor has chosen.


KIPINÄ-uraohjaus ® SPARKS career counselling

© Minna Kattelus

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Print in Finland: Data-Mate Oy
Translation: Tom and Riitta Toepfer
Illustrator: Hans Eiskonen
SPARKS material: KIPINÄ SPARKS Minna Kattelus