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SPARKS cards (postcard)

IMG-0958.JPGThis box contains 54 SPARKS cards, half of which are red, half blue. One side of the card has a picture on it, while the other side is an empty framed space. These cards are meant for counselling professionals and people at large for a variety of everyday or special occasions. The cards can be used as postcards for congratulations or expressions of gratitude. They can also serve as decorative household items with poems or words of empowerment written on them.

Words of Empowerment

The counsellees can write on the cards their own words of empowerment which they will take home with them. The counsellor can also write a poem or words of empowerment as keepsakes for the counselees.

KIPINÄ-uraohjaus ® SPARKS career counselling

© Minna Kattelus

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Print in Finland: Data-Mate Oy
Translation: Tom and Riitta Toepfer
Illustrator: Hans Eiskonen
SPARKS material : KIPINÄ SPARKS Minna Kattelus